Electrone, exceeding 2 decades experience as being a manufacturer and supplier of problem-solving peripherals, will get the expertise and experience to custom-design and manufacture an extensive selection of electronics, including keyboards, keypads, and understanding capture devices. Electrone is honored in meeting the needs of sized customers and markets will i think the re-design and enhance either new or existing products to satisfy the needs of specific customers regardless of size the task. Electrone has the ability to take standard products and personalize the firmware, communications sub-sets combined with the physical layout within the device to satisfy individual and market-specific needs.

Electronic Keypad might make your applications atmosphere more user-friendly:

Digital Timer with control – Let’s adapt our affordable compact cycle manager for that requirement. 120 to 220v AC 50 to 60 Hz

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Our unit will measure passed time, and prevent or start your devices if needed. The standard device offers one line appropriate for just about any motor or compressor another appropriate for just about any low power heat tank.

We’ll also consider surges and provide some protection.

In situation from the electrical failure we’re not able to function, however, we’ll remember where i used to be within the cycle when power is restored we’ll resume inside the same cause of the cycle.

TYPICAL APPLICATION – refrigerator digital de-frost timer,

Keyed, data. Entry – Tradition keyed data entry remains popular it’s also an fast and simpl

method of to get a course, USB, either VCP or HID, TCP with POE Injector option 5v or 48v Electricity.

We’re able to adapt our network keypads or key-boards for your needs We’re able to implement adaptors to mate standard devices to non-standard processing hardware.

Attached to the wall units idea for internet controlled door axis, and exterior charge of an RS232 device dry pulse furthermore an option.

Character display makes all the device just a little terminal with bi-directional breaking in the bread.

TYPICAL APPLICATION – live live answering services company delivery of internet services

Audio, speaker and microphone – USB connection of speaker and microphone withrecording feature adaptable for single funnel or duplex operation, USB.

The USB connection enables integration for that application.

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Give a powered hub to help downstream devices

Optional buttons to deal with you features.


Access control keypad might help through:

Streamlining repetitive or tiresome tasks

Offering Plug and Play

Inter/intranet connectivity

Offering easy remote configuration functions, without regard to distance

Delivering configuration tools built-in or separate applications

Tailoring the HID to take full advantage of a customer’s application atmosphere

Helping customers differentiate their application employing their competitors

Offering device-based memory to relieve off-line operations

Delivering Creative Solutions incorporated inside the Electrone proposal