The text of your cold sales email is objectively good: short, persuasive, helpful, and reasonably personal. But your open rates are miserably low – more than half of your recipients never look inside the email. Why is it so?

With very few exceptions, the most likely culprit is your subject line. It just fails to hit the mark with your reader. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help it, including trying the following 7 cold email subject line tips:

  1. Ask questions: asking questions in your subject line is an easy way to make the reader emotionally attached to the content of your email and inspire their curiosity.
  2. Provide how-to tips: people are naturally more trusting of a text that starts with this phrase since it is what they use to google something on the Internet. Framing the content of your email as a “how to” instruction makes the reader believe you are trying to save their search time by offering a solution right away.
  3. Be scarce and make it feel urgent: creating a genuine sense of scarcity and urgency in your subject line can boost your open rates significantly. It will encourage your reader to take immediate action and grab an excellent opportunity that rarely comes their way.
  4. Use your subject line to announce something: this will only work if you actually have something exciting to announce. The thrilling news radiates a sense of immediacy, and those who wish to take advantage of the hottest offers can do so without delay.
  5. Surprise them: surprising your audience with some unexpected but helpful freebie, like free content or a gift, will make your readers feel the need to reciprocate by reading your email or even purchasing what it is you are offering.
  6. Personalize it: personalization is a powerful tool and your best friend when it comes to creating compelling subject lines for your cold emails. Do your best to make it sound personal and tailored to the recipient’s unique needs.
  7. Intrigue your readers: curiosity boosts engagement and creates a sense of interactivity. A subject line that sparks curiosity results in higher open rates, but you have to make sure the content does not disappoint, either.

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