People have been wondering, “On YouTube, are subscribers or views more important?” since the platform’s inception. Many people throughout the years have attempted to respond to this question, but few have been able to clearly articulate their position. When they should be focusing on expanding their audience, many people instead work to increase their number of subscribers. It’s true that a video’s view count is more important than its subscription count. Views, not subscribers, should be the focus of any video creator hoping to make it big on YouTube, since the latter are given less and less weight as time goes on.

Amount of YouTube Subscribers

Is the quantity of a YouTube channel’s subscribers significant? Okay, so let’s get this over with. From a technological standpoint, it doesn’t matter either way. However, the amount of subscribers you have does matter if you want to generate money from your videos using Google AdSense, since a particular threshold must be fulfilled. You can visit theislandnow for more. From the perspective of simple growth, however, the total number of subscribers is immaterial. The number of subscribers to a YouTube channel was formerly considered one of the channel’s most valuable assets. Gaining a subscriber meant gaining a viewer who was interested enough in your channel to come back and check for fresh uploads, which in turn helped the channel grow. 

Big Deal about YouTube Views

Why do YouTube views still count if YouTube subscribers don’t seem to carry the same weight as they previously did? In other words, one’s point of view is the starting point. Without any views, it is impossible to calculate an average view duration or watch time minutes. The algorithm is a crucial milestone on the road to YouTube fame, and increasing your viewership is a great method to meet its standards. Like subscription counts, view counts might be considered a vanity metric. 


Your current train of thought is probably something along the lines of, “Should I prioritise getting subscribers or views?” As we said previously, the bulk of content producers want to gather the largest possible number of customers. However, this is not the best choice since views are more important than subscribers for a channel’s development on YouTube. So visit theislandnow for more here. Increasing a video’s views is the sole method to improve its watch duration, average view length, and other metrics that YouTube considers important. The quantity of your subscribers has no bearing on how easy you can collect this data. It’s true that a larger subscriber base may help a channel attract more viewers, but there are also hundreds of channels with very few subscribers that are growing rapidly.