There’s no way around it today; our smartphones have become more than just an extension of ourselves. We are simply unable to function without them, at work, school, running errands—you name it, they do it all. Samsung’s smartphones are integral to our way of life, but in order to continue your everyday routine, you need to invest in authentic Samsung chargers in NZ – which you can shop from iGadget here.

Any off-brand charger may do for the time being, but this comes with its own set of risks, which we explore in this article. Although this generic charging equipment is generally inexpensive in comparison to the branded version, here’s why you should reconsider purchasing these alternatives:

Compromised Lifespan 

Two-part devices and equipment usually imply that both components are designed to function together. This can be said for a smartphone and its charger too. Samsung designs their phones and chargers to work together. It’s more than just an interdependent relationship; it is essential to the operational capacity of your phone. The charger delivers the appropriate amount of power to your phone. But with other branded chargers, it is hard to quantify what is “appropriate”. This, in turn, can lead to inconsistent charging, which can deplete the lifespan of your battery and affect its operating system.

In an effort to save money, buying another charger over an authentic Samsung one can lead to you spending more than you had anticipated. Your smartphone’s lifespan can be compromised, increasing the risk of repairs or even replacement.

Voided Warranty 

Although there is a huge misconception that insurance companies and smartphone companies will always honour their guarantees or warranties, this is simply untrue. Insurance providers will likely cover your phone with the stipulation that you use the original-branded charger. Third-party chargers can lead to a voided warranty. So despite your phone breaking down because of other components of the phone, Samsung, and insurance providers can refuse to accept responsibility for damages because you chose to use an inauthentic device accessory. We always encourage our customers to consider this risk carefully. Repairs and replacements often come with a price tag that you may not be able to afford.

Questionable Safety 

There is a possibility that one of your alternate-brand chargers has lasted you for years with no hassle. But this is usually the exception to the rule, which is, simply put, that these brands do not follow the same production processes and testing as Samsung chargers do. The South Korean manufacturer meets both industry and international safety standards to provide a safe product to consumers.

The problem with questionable safety is that it puts your phone, your home, and yourself in jeopardy. Without this assurance, there really is no way to verify how safe your charger actually is. Samsung strives to eliminate and reduce issues such as overheating or even short-circuiting. These situations can lead to costly and deadly results, including fires, serious damage, and electrical burns.

Environmentally Vulnerable 

When you choose authentic device accessories, such as a charger, you are buying into a brand’s sustainability ethos. Samsung is one of the leading companies across the globe that is determined to minimise its environmental-impact with its energy-efficient products. And unfortunately, there really is no way to validate this with an off-brand charger. While it may not make a difference to many, it may to you. And knowing that you are aligning yourself with a company that values the planet gives you peace of mind when purchasing a Samsung charger.

[CTA] Lastly, it is important to remember that Samsung will design their smartphone operating system updates with their charging device. This will likely increase charging speed and make your overall experience more seamless. Whereas with alternate options on the market, this is simply not achievable, which can reduce the effectiveness of every upgrade your smartphone goes through. 

We hope that this article has given you five compelling reasons to rather shop “Samsung chargers NZ” online with us at iGadget instead of trying to save a few dollars. Shop today!