Are you a Pokémon Go fan looking to up your game? Some dedicated players boost their collections by acquiring rare or high-level accounts. Accounts with an extensive roster of powerful, battle-ready Pokémon with high CP (Combat Power) are desirable. This could include many Legendaries, Pseudo-Legendaries, Shinies, and other meta-relevant Pokémon powered up to level 40 or higher.

Acquiring rare pokémon go accounts

  • Dedicated playing over years

The most organic way to build up a stacked account is simply by playing the game actively over a long time. This takes a vast amount of time and consistent effort. Hardcore players who have been dedicated since the game’s 2016 launch have accumulated enviable collections.

  • Spoofing and botting

Some players use spoofing tools to trick the game pokemon go acc for sale into thinking they’re in other parts of the world. This allows them to catch region-locked Pokémon without travelling. Others use botting programs to catch Pokémon and spin Pokestops 24/7 automatically. These methods violate the game’s Terms of Service and cause an account to be banned.

  • Buying accounts

The fastest and easiest way to get a decked-out account is to buy one from someone else. Various marketplaces exist where people sell high-quality accounts, often for hundreds of dollars, depending on how rare and stacked they are. We’ll discuss this more later on.

Considerations when buying pokémon go accounts

  • Account safety and bans

When buying an account, you only know part of the history of what the previous owner did on it. If they used unauthorized 3rd party apps, cheats or exploits, the account may be at risk of getting banned. Carefully scrutinize the account’s stats and Pokémon for red flags before buying.

  • Seller reputation and payment security

Lots of scammers operate in the Pokémon Go account market. Some take your money without ever giving you the login details. Others may give you an account that is quickly reclaimed by the original owner or banned. Only buy from reputable sellers with verified track records. Intermediary services or secure payment methods like PayPal Goods & Services help protect you.

  • Prices can vary widely

The cost of Pokémon Go accounts ranges dramatically based on how rare and stacked they are. Low to mid-level accounts with some decent Pokémon but nothing too particular go for around $50-150. However, accounts with expansive collections of Shinies, Legendaries, region exclusives, legacy moves, and max CP Pokémon sell for $500-1000+. Compare options to get a fair deal.

Valuable tips for selling pokémon go accounts

  • Document everything

Thoroughly document your account’s trainer profile, Pokémon collection, shiny Pokédex, raid medals, items, and other stats. Provide clear screenshots and videos as proof of what the account contains. This transpareEverything everything and helps you command a higher price.

  • Price competitively

Research what similar accounts are selling for to price yours fairly and competitively. You want to maximize your profit but keep yourself in the market. Check multiple account marketplaces to gauge the going rates.

  • Vet your buyers

Be wary of scammers posing as interested buyers when selling a valuable account. Some may try to phish your login details or payment info. Only deal with buyers with a verified purchase history and good feedback on whichever marketplace you use. Consider using an intermediary for added safety on high-value transactions.

  • Prepare for lots of questions

Interested buyers will likely hit you with lots of questions about your account. Some want to see more pictures or videos of Pokémon details and stats. Others will inquire about your playing history and how you obtained certain rare Pokémon. Be prompt, honest and detailed in your responses to maintain buyer interest and confidence.