Camera lenses are sensitive equipment and require proper care and maintenance. Just as with any other equipment, camera lenses are also prone to dust, dirt and other irritants. Not cleaning the equipment regularly can have an adverse impact on its functioning and lessen its lifespan. This blog will guide you on how to clean your camera lenses, and ensure the equipment remains in pristine condition so that you get the best shots. 


A blower is a handy tool when it comes to cleaning your shooting camera lenses. It will rid the lens of any dirt or dust that has accumulated over it. Though there are many other methods, it is always best to begin the cleaning process with a blower. But before starting, ensure that the blower is clean. If there is any trace of dirt on the blower, it will only end up making the lease dirtier. Keep the blower close to the surface of the lens and start the machine. In most cases, just using a blower is sufficient to remove any dust. 

Brush and paper tissues 

Blowers are good at removing dust, but not smudges and stains. To remove these obstinate irritants, you will have to use a brush or paper tissue. Always use a brush that has very soft bristles. Hard bristles will damage the lens by leaving scratch marks. Avoid touching the tips of the brush. If your fingers are sweaty and have traces of dust, they may get transferred to the brush and from there to the lens when you clean it. 

Paper tissues are another effective way to clean lenses. Use soft tissues, and only once. Paper tissues are not that expensive, so using a paper tissue just once will not cost you much. Many people use soft microfibre cloths. These cloths are very soft and good at keeping the lens tidy. But they are not meant to be discarded after a single use. So whenever you use the cloth, make sure that it is clean. Instead of keeping the lens spotless, an oily or dirt-laden cloth will only damage it. After use, wash the cloth thoroughly and keep it at a safe place, free from dirt and dust.


No matter how careful you are, your lens may get damaged if it is not protected. So the first thing to do when you purchase camera lenses online is to place a clear filter over it. This way, it will be the filter and not the lens that will bear stains and scratches. At the time of cleaning the filter you can follow the same steps like using a blower, paper tissue, brush or microfibre cloth. And a protective filter will in no way impact the image quality. 

No matter how costly the lens is, or whether it is made by top manufacturers like Canon, a dusty lens will lead to poor picture quality. So it is important to regularly clean it. Always use the right tools and cleaning method when wiping oil or dust from the lens. The more you care for your lens, the better it will perform.