KWFinder is one of the great keyword research tools for search engine marketing. It meets the need for keyword expansion: generate more keywords to rank your website. It provides a unique index score for SEO difficulty and insight into the competitive environment for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The following article is a KWFinder review and highlights the critical points of the platform.

Who is KWFinder for?

SEO difficulty wrote by the KD compilation index.  This allows you to rank keywords based on current and past search volume, estimated cost-per-click (paid search), and settled search difficulty reported by the PPC index.

This tool works well for large numbers of keywords and large markets. The size makes it unreliable in itself. This tool is not far beyond the capabilities of the free Google Keyword Planner, so it should be of limited interest to paid search marketers. However, it’s an excellent tool for SEO that requires repeated keyword research.

Functions of KWFinder

KWFinder is a simple tool that simplifies keyword searches and listings and is the best in its field, accompanied by affordable pricing.

Keyword lookup

The tool instantly displays several indicators when a person submits one or more keywords to KWFinder.


A pictorial illustration of the several searches for the keyword over the past 12 months


The estimated monthly searches for the keyword in the country you configured.


The calculated price you need to pay per click to occur for that keyword using paid search.


A paid search problem index from 0 to 100 displays the contest level in Google Advertisements.


The Keyword Difficulty, a number from 0 to 100 indicating how difficult it is to rank for a keyword Screenshot from the keyword lookup results page in KWFinder. KWFinder calculates the Keyword difficulty based on the backlink’s profiles of sites on the first search results page for the keyword.

Image search:

You can upload a checklist of keywords to analyze in the tool. Rather than counting keyword recommendations, the device will deliver keyword research and its KD index for per keyword on that list.

Domain search:

A domain search on shows keywords that show your domain, including all SEO and PPC keyword metrics, so that you can assess the relevance and importance of each keyword to your website. You can use the domain lookup feature to find out the location of keywords on other websites. This approach effectively researches competitors and helps you quickly and efficiently create or modify your keyword list. Screenshot of domain search for in KWFinder.

Creating a list:

The output of the KWFinder tool is a keyword list. An excellent way to use this tool is to create different lists and add keywords to each list when you come across the list while exploring the keywords—a screenshot of the keyword list created in minutes with KWFinder. With KWFinder, you can easily create a keyword list with just a few clicks, whereas you had to copy and paste long keyword lists and constantly switch files.

You can review search results pages, monitor keyword rankings, review and research backlink profiles, and rank websites based on various metrics. This is done by making a simple selection in the Keyword view. The list can be extracted by copying it to the clipboard or downloading it as a CSV file. Integration with other Mangools tools If you have a KWFinder account, other Mangools tools are included in your subscription.


Scrap and display the search result page


A ranking tool that checks where your domain appears in search results for the keywords you’re monitoring.


Backlink analysis tool that uses data from the Majestic SEO database.


A website benchmarking tool aggregating data from Alexa, Majestic, and Moz. The ease of use of KWFinder is transparent and easy to use. Enter seed keywords or a list of them into the tool to instantly get a list of related or complementary keywords and an overview of the metrics for each keyword.

This tool provides estimated search volume, estimated click price, assessed traffic level, and PPC and SEO difficulty to help you determine the importance of your keywords. KWFinder is directly integrated with SERPWatcher.

This tool lets you view keyword search results and identify who appears in your keyword. There is little integration with the other three Mangools tools, but they all work quickly.

Pricing from KWFinder

The added value of KWFinder is small, mainly for the essential functions of keyword lookup based on data from Google Keyword Planning Tools. The Keyword Tool extracts most of your data from the free Google Keyword Planner. KWFinder is easy to use and adds your keyword difficulty index for SEO.